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Fall in love with health & fitness. It Leaves you feeling good

Fall in love with health & fitness. It Leaves you feeling good. Get it?

Oh, how much do we love this time of year? It is the month of thanksgiving and Halloween.

It’s a great time to take pictures outside with the pretty fall colors.

You can add pumpkin spice to hot beverages.

Snuggle up with your significant other by the fire.

Going apple picking.

Opening all the windows in your home to add that fall freshness.

With that being said we are living in a tumultuous time. However, we can still look at nature and see that it is one thing that has not changed. Fall is great evidence of this.

We are also sorry to be the bearer of bad news. This is the time of year that can add further stress with all the holiday festivities. This time of year can also be called weight gain season. Mostly caused by back to back holidays.

So how can it be done? How can we still maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle with all the food temptations?

Here are our top 5 Apex Life tips for a fit and healthy fall season:

1. Hit the pause button and enjoy the moment:

Stressing out over the fall holiday period will do you and your family absolutely no good. Before you know it you will realize you have spent the entire time leading up to the thanksgiving period stressed out. To make things worse that same stress oftentimes leads and trickles into Halloween.

We see many people stressing out over food and what they should not eat around thanksgiving. The stress does not stop. Instead, why not give no judgment this year. Embrace the food and enjoy them and be present with family and friends. Enjoy your food in moderation and don’t be tempted not to go to family dinners because you are worried about gaining weight. Instead of thinking of food and the guilt that comes with it, think of bonding with your family. Create magic moments with them, plan ahead of time, and create memories that will last you a lifetime. This is the true power of being present.

2. Workout throughout the fall holiday period:

If time is stressing you out, you can get a phenomenal workout in as little as ten minutes. Here are a few you can try that is quick and effective, Workout 1 & On the go Workout 2. Failing that, enjoy the pretty outdoor colors and hit your daily steps.

3. Fall for protein:

For all meals consumed throughout the day, go for about 20-25g for each meal each day. Protein will keep you satiated throughout your day. It will keep you full even with less food. This is all due to protein reduces your hunger hormone called ghrelin. Look for foods like Turkey, Veggies, Shrimp, Hummus around thanksgiving. Eggs and other whites meats are great to eat too this time of year. Protein is your building block for cartilage, muscle, and bones.

4. Increase Veggies:

The fall season as we all know, we experience a huge change in weather and we often hear about folks getting sick this time of year. To help combat this is to keep your stress down and include more vegetables in your diet. In general, these types of foods are healthy because they are whole and unprocessed. But above all most veggies are generally more alkaline-forming. Root vegetables and even ginger, garlic, and onion are all great too.

5. Be mindful of alcohol:

This ties into number 4 as alcohol can be the opposite of alkaline. It can be highly acidic. If you really have to drink over the fall holiday season always make sure you increase your water intake, especially when drinking alcohol. The extra water will help aid you in rehydrating the body.


The fall season doesn’t have to be a weight gain season. It doesn’t have to be like a repeat of past fall holidays. It truly can be the season of feeling fit and full of energy. All you need is a proactive strategy. Give all 5 tips a try and build on those family memories. It doesn’t always have to be focused on food and alcohol.

Much love.

Live your Apex life.

Troy & Jasmine


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