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No time to workout? Try this at home!

No time to workout?

I get it. I know how it feels not have anytime to workout!

Are you looking for a quick and effective but yet don't have time to get to the gym? Don't let time hold you back. You can can get a workout anytime, anywhere with limited or no equipment and one that doesn't require a lot of your time.

Here's the thing about life, it will never play convenient for us, meaning with every goal you set, new problems and challenges will arise. With every new decision and goal you set, new choices and and sacrifices will come along with it. But no sweat. The goal for you is to now focus on problem solving these hurdles and keep your eyes on the prize.

Maybe you are at a hotel or on business for work with no gym facility. Maybe you want to get a quick workout in while the kids are asleep. Maybe you literally have 30 mins to workout but don't think that 30 mins isn't enough time to get an effective workout in?

Funny thing is I just wrote out this workout for Jasmine and she did it in the living room. She had her plate full, was extremely busy but she wanted something that still held her accountable to her goals and keep her consistent in her efforts. You can do the same.

Please remember to warm before trying this workout and modify any movements to fit your fitness level! And as always, HAVE FUN!!!


(This workout can be done 2-3 times per week)

10 Plank Jump Ins (Plank position then jump your feet into your chest like you're going to stand up, kind of like a half burpee)

20 Speed Air Squats (fast pace)

30 Mountain Climbers

40 Knee Highs (Like running in a spot but bringing your knees to your chest, should be fast pace)

20 Push ups

50 Jumping Jacks or Star Jumps

60 Regular Plank

1 round is all the way down and all the way down up the pyramid.

Perform 2 rounds. If you are feeling good then go for 3 rounds.

The next time you perform this workout, try and beat your last time or ask a friend to join in with you and make it a fun and a friendly challenge. Always make sure your form and execution is on point! Text book reps.

By the way, if you start to fatigue early in your reps and you think you will hit the target reps in one go. Take a quick 5 second rest (take in same deep breaths) and do a few more reps. Keep doing this until you get the reps which are outlined above.

Men should double the reps on plank jump ins, speed air squats, mountain climbers, knee high, push ups, jumping jacks.

Feel free to send this workout to a friend that you think will like it or the one that you want to challenge.

Happy Training

Troy & Jasmine

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