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How To Achieve Your 2017 Health & Fitness Goals

1. Persistence - In life, there are going to be ups and downs and achieving your dream body or any goal in that matter, is no different. Being persistent and patient and having a “Never Give Up” attitude will be a crucial component in your journey, as anything worth having in life will require consistent daily effort to be rewarded.

2. Vision - Have a clear plan of what you want with your physique. Then work on steps on how to get you there. Start to visualize your end result. Visualize winning or achieving your goal EVERY night before you sleep and EVERY morning, first thing when you wake up. Spend time thinking about your health and fitness goal. By thinking about your goal you give it more life. As the old saying goes, you become what you think about!

3. Belief - This step is very important to achieving great success in physique transformation. We have seen many amazing people just come and go because they did not believe in themselves. Believe you can do it and believe that you are good enough. By doing some of the task in step 2 (thinking of your goal daily) you will begin to have faith that it will happen. A key point to add here is that once someone has stopped thinking about their health and fitness goal they will eventually lose focus and then their belief becomes obsolete. Remember, Faith = ( Belief + Action + Confidence )

4. Focus - Focus on where you want to go with your physique. What are the things and habits you need to do in order to have your dream body? What you give focus to will grow. In other words, what you give energy to will get stronger!

5. Discipline - We want to be completely honest with you here with this one. You cannot enforce enough how important discipline is. The true meaning of discipline is to give yourself a command and follow it! Having the discipline to do the same healthy things everyday is so important to having an amazing lean and fit physique. Like the movie Groundhog day, everyday is a Groundhog day in physique transformation. Find out what other people have done to be the best they can be. All of them will tell you they had to have discipline (to give themselves a command and follow it) in order to have a great body.

6. Support - A support group is very important to succeed such as friends and family. You have to be around positive people all the time to achieve any goals. If you hang out with negative people then you become very negative. As they say birds of a feather flock together. Be around successful people, people who value their health and take care of themselves. By the way sometimes your significant other can be a powerful tool. This person can be a key weapon to your arsenal in order to have the body of your dreams.

7. Self Love - Self-love is our fuel; it serves as a foundation for who we are. Everything builds on top of this foundation, and if it isn’t solid, life feels shaky, you just feel off. For those of us who have experienced the power of self-love, we can agree that the effects can often feel quite phenomenal. The moment we start loving ourselves, we experience positive shifts in our lives. Life begins to move forward with more ease and things really start magically falling into place with ease. Your health improves, you feel as though you have more energy. It’s hard to explain but you begin to feel good. Here is a tip that can help you with self love. Write out 10 things you are grateful for every morning. Do this for the next 30 days (don’t skip a day). You will be completely blown away with the transformation.

8. Daily Gratitude - Spend 5 minutes a day each morning writing out 3-5 things that you are grateful for. Then spend a few minutes on each and feel how each of them give you a feeling of gratitude. You may say “I have nothing to be grateful for”. Let us help with that. Here is one for you. “I am so grateful for my heart that beats everyday without me having to tell it too! Or “ I am so grateful that I get to live another day.” It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be something big. You just have to feel it.

9. Habits - Take your goals and break them into small steps. Then take those steps and write out daily habits that you can practice each day. Practicing small daily habits allows to practice consistency and for you to feel successful. As humans we thrive on progress and progress leads to fulfillment and success.

10. Get Assistance - If you are having trouble staying consistent . Find that you need more accountability and support, hire someone to help you. Sometimes, asking for help and giving someone else the responsibility to guide you in the right direction will remove the frustrations of feeling stuck or not starting at all. Also, by having someone to hold you accountable can make you feel like you have more skin in the game.

Use these KEYS to help achieve your goals as they are proven to work. Apply them consistently and you will see. Even if you just start with 1. Start somewhere.

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