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When it comes to Fat Loss, don't worry about the scale!

"I'm not happy until I see that number on the scale drop!"

Can you relate to this?

We understand that using a scale to weigh yourself can be a reference point but we like to suggest to you other variables that you can try, along side the scale.

Before we go into these other variables we want to share a quick story that you might find rather interesting. It is a true story about one of our clients that we train in the gym.

She is a female client, making great strides in and out of the gym. This lady was rocking it! Working out 3 days a week

Eating right while keeping stress low in her life

Her inches were down

Her progress pictures were looking awesome!

She would even boast about how much energy she had and that she had never felt this great!

Her words were "I feel like a teenager all over again!"

To say we were happy coaches was an understatement. Until one day, it all came to a complete halt.

After a month we asked her to do a check in with us. This is where we get clients to send us pictures of how they look, measurements, weight, fill out their stress analysis sheet, lifestyle report and adherence to the program. Little did we know that that one of the variables would cause a major set back. As coaches, we could clearly see the changes but more importantly the data does not lie. She was progressing nicely, except one variable.....the scale had not dropped!!

Everything prior to her check in; her mood, her state of mind; her happiness, all changed because of the number she saw on the scale. In her mind, that number was not a representation of all her hard work and that number, she allowed to dictated her worth and value. All of the effort she put in all of a sudden no longer accounted for anything.

She came in to train the next day and her whole domineer had changed. Her energy completely did a 180 and boy was she frustrated! She was not a happy camper. We had to pull her aside and have a real and and honest conversation with her.

So let's recap here with what our client had achieved:

1. Vast changes in her pictures. Her physique was transforming.

2. Inches were down on hips, glutes, arms and waist. Booom!

3. Energy levels had improved (in the beginning she was always tired)

4. She felt great physically and mentally

5. Her confidence had grown substantially.

6. She was having to buy new clothes.

7. Friends, family, co-workers had taken notice in not just her physical changes but her over all energy and presence.

8. She was excited about life and was addicted to feeling ALIVE!

As coaches, we were over the moon with her progress.

But she was not happy.

We asked, "Tell us why you are frustrated? ".

The client, "I can not believe my weight did not change." (angry face)

So why with all these positives how can someone be discouraged because the scale did not drop? How did we allow a number on a scale dictate our worth? How does it have so much control over our happiness?

It's so easy to see where it comes from. Weight loss TV shows show us that it all about the number on the scale dropping. Magazines saying "Lose Weight FAST!" Weigh in's at weight loss clinic programs all focusing on the scale. Nothing else matters unless that scale drops.

So what about the other key variables we were talking about here. Don't they count for something?

- Pictures

- Measurements

- Stress levels

- Energy levels

- Quality of sleep

- Positive mood changes

- Improved gut health

- Increase in confidence

- Improved quality of life

Let us ask you a question.....

Are you fixated on the scale?

Would you rather be tired all the time, high stress levels, measurements not improving, pictures showing no progress but as long as you are seeing the numbers drop on the scale you would be happy?

The whole purpose of this article is for you to use those other variables to track your progress. Instead of fixating on that scale. The scale is easily influenced by many factors. For example:

Stress levels





Change in diet

Obviously we all want weight loss and you will most certainly get there through persistence, patience and consistency (there is that key word again) but do not get discouraged if the scale doesn't drop, especially when all the other variables are improving.

So, if inches are down, energy is up, confidence is high, stress is down, pictures look good, your clothes are fitting different, you're smiling more and are happy....

throw the damn scale out!!!!

And celebrate all the other non-scale victories that matter. You're worth much more than some silly little number.

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