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10 Tips to Building Lean Muscle

Hi Everyone,

We haven't written a lot of blogs on how to build lean muscle. So, we wanted to give you some helpful tips on what you can start doing so you can start putting on some health, lean, muscle tissue. To do that you need to start taking your workouts to a whole new level.

Do you want to make your workout as effective as possible? Here are 10 things which you must do in order to maximize your effectiveness of your workouts:

1- Get and use a training log. This is so overlooked and goes right to the top of the list. Tracking is key!!

2- Use as much weight as possible for the number of prescribed reps. With complete control and execution.

3- Perform your last working set to complete failure.

4- Strive to increase your training poundage over time. However, if you can't control it then lighten it!

5- Make sure that you spending your time in the gym effectively. Focus on what you are doing not what others are doing.

6- Use strict form on all exercises and control and slow down your negative phase for each rep. 7- Eliminate stress and rest completely on days off. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

8- Follow a proper nutrition and supplementation program.

9- Get yourself in the zone for each workout. Get into peak state. Headphones ON.. Get fired up. FOCUS!!!

10 - Take a week off or if you are one of those people that can not take time off away from the gym then do a light week every 12 weeks of hard training.


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