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Upper Body Ladder Drill Finisher

Want to add a good finisher to your upper body day workout? Give this ladder workout a try and let us know how it goes!

What you need:

Assisted pull up bar (or if you can do 10 body weight pull ups than great!) or a lat pull down machine. If you can't do pull ups or don't have access to an assisted pull up machine us the lat pull down machine.

How to perform the workout: 1. Choose your fitness level. 2. Time how long it takes you to finish the ladder drill. 3. As little rest as possible throughout the ladder. 4. Beat your time the next time around. 5. Perform at the end of your training, on a cardio day only or when you're looking to mix things up a little and want a challenge (always ensure that you are properly warmed up prior to any workout to prevent injuries.).

Advanced: 20 Pull ups / 20 Push ups 18 Pull ups / 18 Push ups 16 Pull ups / 16 Push ups 14 Pull ups / 14 Push ups 12 Pull ups / 12 Push ups Continue in this fashion until you hit reps of 2.

Intermediate: 10 Pull ups / 20 Push ups 8 Pull ups / 16 Push ups 6 Pull ups / 14 Push ups 4 Pull ups / 8 Push ups 2 Pull ups / 4 Push ups

Beginner: Perform pull ups on assisted pull up machine or you can use a lat pull down machine. As for the push ups, you can either perform them from your knees or elevate your hands on a bench or step. As you get stronger you can progress forward. Rest as need.

Happy Training


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