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Get The Heck Out Of Here!

All the religions have agreed on this one particular subject. The bible often refers to this subject often. Even today's success books are still talking about this one subject. WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT!

Lets look at this from an individual who wants to lose weight and never really achieves the success they are looking for:

  • What are they thinking about most of the time? They tend to think about what they don't want. I don't want to fail.

  • My cravings are out of control. Why do I always give in to my cravings at night?

  • Going to the gym is hard? I just never have the time to workout.

  • I have such a long way to go. Why is everything so hard? I have no support from friends family.

Now lets look at another person who is in shape and is healthy:

  • What are they thinking about? They are thinking about their fitness goals all the time. The moment they wake up and till they go to sleep at night they are thinking about their goal. Just by looking at them you know what type of rituals they have.

  • They know what their priorities are and what will make them successful.

  • They are always thinking about planing and preparing their meals so they have their healthy foods at work.

  • Their circle of influence is also health conscious.

  • They are flexible with their approach and are able to adjust when things don't go according to plan and can see the bigger picture.

  • They stick to their self promises.

The reason why we wanted to bring this to your attention is that everything first starts in your mind.

Are you thinking about success or are you thinking about failure, doubt, frustration and worry?

The beautiful thing about our thoughts is that nobody can tell us what to think. We are the captain of our ship. We are in the drivers seat!

It is time to start thinking about, how can I be successful in my weight loss journey instead of thinking about why do I always have a hard time with weight loss. Two completely different questions.

The next time you see a man or women who is in great shape, someone who make you take notice and inspires you, ask yourself these questions:

"What do they think about?"

"How do they do what they do?"

"What are their rituals like?"

You know what, you really do have the power to change your body and your life. You just have to start thinking about things in a different way. Think of being more of a success and hold the image of your ideal goal always in your mind. No matter how hard things gets. Nobody can not tell you what to think. Beware of thoughts every single day. Go as far as even journal your thoughts. As soon as a negative thought comes into your mind about your body, immediately replace it with your goal or something positive about yourself.

You deserve to be fit and healthy. It is time to kick out that old tape in your head of how you can not be successful in your weight loss journey. When that old tape pops into your head (which it will), tell yourself -even if you have to yell it out loud- "GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE"

We believe in you....we know you can do it. You deserve it!

Troy & Jasmine :)

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