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Building Lean Muscle Made Easy!

We wanted to give you some helpful tips on what you can start doing to start putting on some health, lean, muscle tissue.

Here are 10 things which to do in order to maximize your effectiveness of your workouts:

1- Get and use a training log. This is so over looked and goes right to the top of the list. Tracking is key!! Using tracking as a way to self monitor has been proven to increase motivation and self confidence.

2- Use as much weight as possible for the number of prescribed reps. With complete control and execution while keeping good form.

3- Perform your last working set to complete failure.

4- Strive to increase your training poundage over time. However, if you cant control it then pull back and lighten up on the weight. No ego training here. Hypertrophy (muscle building) rep range is not about hitting PR's. Although fun.

5- Make sure that you are spending your time in the gym effectively. Focus on what you are doing not what others are doing. As Dwayne Johnson says "FOCUS".

6- Slow down your negative phase for each rep. Learn how to make 50 lbs feel like 100 lbs.

7- Eliminate stress and rest completely on days off. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Remember, gains are made while you are asleep. So get your beauty rest.

8- Follow a proper nutrition and supplementation program. You need to properly fuel your body to support your goals. Create an environment so that the new tissue will stick around.

9- Get yourself in the zone for each workout. Get into peak state. Headphones ON.. Get fired up. FOCUS!!! Whatever get's you into the mode of training with purpose. Don't be one of those people who end up feeling frustrated because 2, 3, 4, 5 years you still look the same. Train with purpose.

10 - Take a week off or if you are one of those people that can not take time off away from the gym then do a light week every 8-12 weeks of training hard consistently.

If you are already doing all 10 of these then you are on your way. If not way not? Now is great time to start.

A mentor once told us "If your way is not working....then why not try mine? You have nothing to lose".

Troy & Jasmine


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