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Say No To Beast Mode!

I am going to change my life! Tomorrow I start my new health kick! I am going beast mode! I am going to train seven days a week. I am going to weight training everyday and on top of that I am going to do 2 hours of cardio every day. I am dropping my calories everyday! I am going to drink 4 liters of water everyday! You will see….I will show you! Just watch me!

Lets check in 3 weeks later with this person and did the beast mode work?……………………

In 3 weeks they barely got to gym! 3 session in 3 weeks to be exact and did the odd cardio session here and there. They just got "super busy".

The diet was consistently a hit and miss. They couldn't track their diet on My Fitness Pal or follow the strict meal plan they said they were going to follow. And meal prep and tracking is too time consuming.

What about the water intake? Well they forgot to track it but they think it was probably around one liter a day but aren't sure.

So what happened here? Did this person set their goals too high to begin with? Did the motivation just wear off? Who really knows? But what we do know is that this is a very common cycle for most which totally sucks but here is the good thing, we really think we can help you here with this hurdle and break the insanity cycle.

We appreciate your enthusiasm to begin with and at least you took some action towards your goal but we can see that the goals you have set, in our opinion, were just too high and too much to handle at once. We believe that taking this "beast mode" approach really don't work for most and it is unrealistic to sustain week to week.

Our solution.......

Start one thing at a time.

We can already hear you say “that’s too easy”. Hold on for a second and we will explain……………..

I am going to train seven days a week. I going to weight training everyday and on top of that I am going to do 2 hours of cardio every day. I am not going to eliminate x,y and z food groups, drop my calories and I am going to drink 4 liters of water everyday. This is a big task for anyone. Even for a high level athlete. All we ask is to try this approach.

Do one thing and one thing only something is simple to do requires less effort, is realistic and you can do this for the next 2 weeks or 30 days, for example. Until it seems effortless and then add on another mini goal.

Drink 2 liters every day


Walk 10,000 steps everyday


Cut sugar out of your diet for the next 30 days


Do only three 30 minute training sessions at the gym per week


Introduce veggies with every meal you eat

Just focus on getting good at doing one thing and watch what will happen. You will see your confidence increase because you are sticking to your commitment and practicing success. Plus, it is less pressure and less stress. There is a time and place for going "beast mode" but if you have been trying to achieve the same goal over and over again, it's time to evaluate your process goals and the approach you are taking. Trust us. We see people go all guns blazing in the beginning, only to find out that they set the bar way too high, too fast, and taking on way too much.

All we ask is you try our approach. It really does works. Once you get good at one thing over time then you have made that habit, then you can move on to another task for example, let's try eating veggies with every meal. Get good at that, make that into habit and tackle the next, for example let's buy a pedometer and do 10,000 steps everyday. You see how easy it is? Stick to one task for the next 30 days and let us know how you got on. We would love to hear your feedback on how it went.

Yours in health,

Troy & Jasmine

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