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Why We Hate Christmas

Happy December 1st Everyone!

We are going to keep this short and sweet. As coaches we personally hate this time of year. Why, you may ask? Hate might be a strong word but it at least caught your attention. We would say that we feel frustrated this time of year.Clients check out between now and the start of the new year.

So why is it that clients stop? Tell us why do you stop exercising and come off your healthy eating regime?

Your answer could be…………

“There are just so many Christmas parties I have to attend to so I have no time to exercise” OR “ I am off my healthy diet due to Christmas so I might as well stop working out” OR “ I have so much Christmas shopping to do that I have to put my gym membership on hold” OR “There is so much temptation at home with all the festive goodies and I can not ignore it so I have eat it” OR ‘’ If everyone at the gym has slowed down and stopped working out then I will follow suit. I don’t want to be the only one in the gym by myself” OR “People at work want me to go for drinks after work so I can’t workout”

Why is every gym, studio, spin class, Yoga class from December 1st, the attendance keeps dropping week by week?

Why do we as a society check out this time year? It drives us bananas!

Let's say you are contemplating taking the rest of the month off to enjoy your festive activities. Ask yourself a question….Where will you be come January 1st? What will my body look like and feel by this time? We all know the answer here!

Ask yourself another question….did I do the same thing last year and the year before? If the answer is yes then what happens to your body on January 1st? Answer….I go backwards.

Here is what we think as coaches. If you decide to shut it down on December 1st, what will happen to all the momentum you created? Do you think it will be a uphill battle to get the momentum back in January? HELL YES!!

I think you know what we are going to say next……………

PLEASE DO NOT STOP….Keep the momentum train going all of December. Why? Because we all that this time of year our calorie intake will go up so it just makes sense to keep going and keep exercising.

Don’t be like most people this time of year and shut it all down and start back up in January.

As a side note, the voice in your head will tell you to relax for all of December and in fact it will give you the best excuse not go to the gym. Do something completely different this year and keep working out right through the holidays! Enjoy your holiday festivities but don’t stop doing something good for your mind and body just because it’s Christmas.

Your health should not have a pause button!

Happy Holidays,

Your coaches,

Troy & Jasmine :)

PS The reason for this blog is that we want you to have an abundance of health, energy and vitality all year round. Be the example to your family and keep going throughout the festive season even everyone else has checked out.

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