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Nutrition tactics while on vacation

Our Top 4 Nutrition Vacation Tactics

We were just in sunny Mexico for a week and even though we may be somewhat been off our

regular eating routine (most of us do right) we still like to eat pretty healthy mostly on vacation. Even if you stay at a all inclusive as we did in Mexico, you can still always look for healthier choices.

Here are 4 tactics for you to remember while on vacation so you can still feel and look good on the beach. Plus, you won't see your weight go up once you are back from your vacation.

1. Pack items to bring with you on your vacation in your suitcase. This is so important. We tend to bring things like Whey protein powder, No added salt nuts, healthy protein bars. We are big fans of Quest bars when travelling

We always bring our container of vitamins with us. But most importantly, make sure you always bring extra probiotics and digestive enzymes!!

2. If you are not staying at a all inclusive then take a taxi to the nearest grocery store and make sure you stock up on your good protein, good carbs, good fats and veggies. (Taxi drivers always know where the nearest grocery stores are)

3. Make sure you request a fridge and a microwave so you can store all your clean foods and cook your healthy meals.

4. Where ever you go, your shaker cup always goes with you. Carry a shaker cup with you so you can mix up your protein shakes. What we do is we take our shaker cups with us to the beach with the protein powder in the shaker cup. Then all you have to do is just add water, shake well and drink!

As a added bonus, our top 4 Restaurant tips while on vacation

1. Drink water before you eat anything! Drink through out your meal. This will stop you from over eating.

2. Eat your protein first before your carbs, fats and veggies.

3. If your meal comes with dressing ask for it on the side.

4. If your meal looks to big to eat. Our tip is to ask the waiter if you can take the other half to go. All restaurants do this so don't be afraid to ask.

We hope this helps.

Much love,

T & J :)

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