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5 Big Tips To Maximize Your Results In The Gym!

Are you maximizing your time in the gym?

What you do in-between sets is extremely important.

The next time your at the gym, take notice at what most people are doing? They are on their phones. Spending more time focusing on social media or whatever rather than their purpose in the gym.

5, 10 mins goes by when they realize it’s time to perform another set.

Watch how they lift too. It’s mindless and really just counting reps so that they can get right back on their phone. The funny thing is, people's mindset around training is training weight rather than their muscle.

If you really think about it... all those potential long rest breaks add up in one workout and over time. Meaning unsuccessful workouts due to too much wasted time. Could this be the reason why you aren’t seeing results. Not losing weight or building muscle?

We have to make our gym time count and that means being focused. Energy flows where attention goes.

We understand that people may need their cell phone with them at all times during their workout but do they have to keep checking it every time they have completed a set?

Being present in your workout time is so important because it is time to give back to you.

Don’t get us wrong we both love a gym selfie from time to time but a good time to do a selfie would be post workout.

To save you time and to have a productive workout. Use a timer to time your rest rest in-between sets. Keep your phone in your gym bag and get a set of bluetooth headphones so that you can still listen to your music. Or download music to your phone and turn on your do not disturb setting on.

If you’re pushing yourself in your workouts - which by the way is very rewarding - in- between sets pay attention to your recovery and really concentrate on your breathing. As you are giving attention to your breath in between sets, visualize in your mind exactly how you want your next set to go. If you are on your last working set, mentally say to yourself, “Last set, best set.”

Program design has integrity for the purpose of the goal. It’s not just a bunch of movements thrown together. The exercise selection, tempo, reps, sets and rest are built around the goal you are wanting to achieve. So sustain the integrity of the program and workout execution. The workout, the program, is only effective if YOU work the program. Not the other way around

We challenge you to try at least 1 workout this week by giving all your attention and to being present and mindful in your workout. See if you notice a difference in your workout and efforts.

We guarantee that you will.

(We guarantee you results after 90 days)

Here are 5 KEY tips to maximize your time in the gym.

1. Stay off your phone (or put it on airplane mode mode)

2. Track your rest time in-between sets

3. Develop mind muscle connection

4. Track your weights. Write it down

5. Use the power of visualisation

Let us know if you are going all in on these big 5 tips!

Troy & Jasmine :)

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