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3 Common Pre Workout Mistakes To Avoid

The pre-workout window is an extremely important time of the day

because this is where you can potentially either set yourself up for a high performance workout or your intensity could suffer by making bad decisions in relation to your nutrition. Which by the way many do. Below I have highlighted 3 things I would recommend avoiding before you hitting the weights

1. To many carbs pre workout!

I do advice most of my clients who are trying to build lean muscle tissue to consume carbs pre workout. I am a huge fan of carbs pre workout! Now, too many carbs pre workout can allow you to fill bloated and lethargic. You may hear of your favourite physique athlete on Instagram takes 80g of fast acting carbs pre workout and you try it and you fill like crap when training. I personal suggest a smaller amount of carbs such as 30g of Cluster Dextrin or Vitargo. There are some other things you can add to this pre workout drink but I can talk about that another time.

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2. To much fat pre workout!

It slows down digestion to much. I would not say not to use fat pre workout but too much will have the reverse effect. I do like some of my clients who are serious about hypertrophy to add a little nut butter (fat) to the carbs drink which helps slowing down the glucose going into your blood stream. So a tea spoon of nut butter is fine.

3. Red meat

Things like red meat or any dense meat for that matter is very hard for the digestive system to break down. Which means it sits in your gut for a long time. This is not a good thing pre workout. Meat like this is best later after workouts or as a last meal before bed. Never pre workout!

Troy & Jasmine :)

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