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Do you have transformation vampires in your life?

In this blog I am going to be a little harsh. You can read on or you can hit the

X button which is at the top right of the screen.

So here goes.

If you are finally wanting to go after that weight loss goal or muscle building goal. You have been trying to go after this for so long then I highly encourage you to listen up.

If you have health and fitness goals and dreams then you want to begin with getting all the toxic people out of your life! Or don't spend as much time with them. I said that this could be perceived as a little harsh. Do you what I mean? The people who just drain you, I like to call them body transformation energy vampires.

What I have come to believe is that it takes a lot of energy to reach your main goal. You want to move ahead but you have these energy vampires around your neck sucking the living day lights out you. I just read recently that there are two types of relationships. There are cultivating relationships and there are toxic relationships. Cultivating relationships are the ones that inspire you and motivate you. These kind of relationships bring out the best in you! And then there is toxic relationships. These people seem to always remind you that it can not be done. They are very quick to remind you of all the mistakes you have made in the past. We all know people who quit pursuing their weight loss goal all because of a negative comment they got from someone. These toxic people are bad for health let me tell you.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is this person motivating me to stick with pursuing my health and fitness goal and are they bringing the best out of me?. Do they inspire me to keep going when bumps in the road occur?

What I do know for sure is that if you hang around with these people long enough then eventually you will just give in, believe in what they are saying and quit!

You can use this example in most things such as starting up your own business. Do your friends support you in your new venture or do they find faults with your new business and criticize you? As Les Brown said it best "One energy drainer can spoil your whole life"

So, if you are on the verge of finally going after your health and fitness goal once and for all, stop and ask yourself will the people I hang around with the most, will they support me or will they criticize me? Make a decision right these people stay or will they people go? Or do you spend less time with them?

Thanks for reading.

With gratitude,

Troy & Jasmine

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