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I'm Going All In, Baby!

Due to being on vacation in beautiful Costa Rica, we haven't put up a blog in awhile. But a topic did come up on our way home on the airplane. We got to chatting about all the things we give advice on and the tools we provide on our blogs and social media platforms. Which lead us to the question....

What if for all of those who follow us and read our content actually followed what we preached about? Whether it's regarding training, nutrition, or mindset. What would happen to those who actually went 100% all in??? I wounder what would happen? Well we know but do you?

You are probably thinking....if only it was that easy Troy & Jasmine.

But really it is that simple. It is merely a decision. That's it. Either you do or don't. It doesn't have to be anymore complicated then making one decisive decision to be 100% committed to something. Even if it's something small. Pick 1 thing and be consist with it for 4 weeks. That's 30 days.

People frequently become confused and are easily overwhelmed with all that is in magazines, social media, what their friends say, etc. But the one thing that stands true time and time again is keeping things simple, being consistent and being patient.

If we can just show up like we do for work everyday and implement the same efforts to our nutrition, workouts, health or mindset, you will begin to see your efforts pay off as you transform. And what if by you going all in you began to inspire others? Have you ever though of that? Take yourself out of the picture for a second and think If I really focus here and give my training and nutrition complete focus I could have an amazing transformation which could inspire others to do the same thing. Hey, it's your way of paying it forward.

So lets start today. Lets give this your full focus...lets really go all in for the next 4 weeks with your programs or whatever approach you are using. Keep it simple and track what your are doing and don't forget to snap those before and afters.

For 30 days...just give your all! You have nothing to lose!

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