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Killer Workout with Fat Melting Results

Have you ever heard of or tried a conditioning workout?

If not, you have to try them. They are intense and effective. This is not just any old workout. This is a fun yet challenging way to get your heart rate up, get in and out of the gym all while helping to burn fat. But believe us, these aren't for the weak hearted.

If you are a beginner, then we would advise you to practice the below exercises first for a few weeks. Learn and execute proper technique before you begin this workout. You can also break up the movements into mini circuit. So that way you perform 4 exercise back to back with target sets and reps, then finish up with the last 4 set of exercises just as you did in the first circuit. Or you can just remove the last two movements and only perform 6 exercises or also break those into 2 smaller mini circuits.

This type of workout is a great way to build lean muscle (more so for beginners) and promote fat loss and is also a great time saver!

However, we recommend that you start doing this type of workout one - two times a week as it is quit taxing on your body. You can always adjust the frequency if you are an advance lifter who has performed these types of workouts before. Feel free to add it into your current training split. If you want to lift with a lighter barbell then go right ahead, just always make sure that form is key and that you keep the intensity up. They don't call them metabolic conditioning workouts for nothing. So keep the integrity of the workout so that you will get the benefits.

The Barbell Complex

Perform 6-8 reps of each of the following 8 exercises, transitioning from one movement directly into the next without stopping to put the bar down. Rest 60 seconds and repeat it for a total of 6 rounds, 6-8 reps every round. Choose a weight that you can do full 8 reps. It should be challenging and you should have to push yourself. The goal is to not change the weight that you have selected throughout the full 6 rounds. Finish off with 10 minutes of steady state cardio and a full body stretch.

Barbell Rows

Romanian Deadlift

Conventional Deadlifts

Hang Cleans

Front Squats

Push Press

Full Squats

Good Mornings

Let us know how it goes and don't forget to TAG us on your social media. Feel free to share with friends and challenge them to this workout.

Want to add more of a challenge? Time yourself and see how long it takes you to perform the workout. Then the next time try and beat your time.


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