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A Lifetime Commitment!

A very common reason why people fail trying to lose weight or build muscle is due to their unrealistic expectations. Most have this mindset that there must be an easier way. Let's just settle record here and say that there are NO shortcuts to obtaining physical conditioning and health. Permanent physique transformation and optimal health is the result of a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to proper training and nutrition, with addition to other variables. In our microwave society, we expect things to happen quickly and without much effort. We expect to get impressive transformations with a one foot in and one foot out the door approach and never really make a conscious decision to fully commit to doing it! We find any short cuts to get us results and subconsciously plan ways to reinforce our excuses when we want a way out and avoid fully committing to the work that needs to be done.

Having great physique and optimal health is an ongoing process. You are either moving forward or you are sliding backwards. There Is no such thing as staying the same. You need to pick an approach that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle and stick with. Focusing on what you can do everyday to get that compound effect, instead of focusing on the end result and how much work it is going to take to get you there.

Ask yourself, everyday, "did I do everything, that is in my control to get me closer to my goal?" If the answer is "Yes", awesome! Keep going. If the answer is "No" then you need to find what is hindering your progress. Ask yourself, is your goal unrealistic for where you are in life right now? Are you being too restrictive? Do you need to add more tools to your toolbox? Do you need help? This is an ongoing progress with everything life. Apply, assess, adjust. Apply, assess, adjust. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and mess up. It's all about learning and evolving.

That's why health and fitness is a lifetime commitment, not just a quick fix or a one time program. Anything worth having is worth fighting for and takes a conscious decision to work towards it, everyday. Perhaps if you become realistic about your goals and where you are right now and use the apply, assess, adjust in place of the, start, stop, start, stop, approach, you'll be able to get that much closer to your goals and increase your confidence your abilities.

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