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Living Your Apex Life

We had this idea... what if we could get everyone living their Apex life? What would this look

like? Let's have some fun with this.

So here goes:

- Living in state of gratitude for what they have

- Plenty of daily laughter

- Quality time and being present with family

- A value of ones health (health consciousness)

- Putting the right foods into their body aka temple (it really is a temple)

- Health and fitness is a huge priority in their life

- Self love and appreciation of ones self

- Daily continuous progress to their goals

- Being patient that they will achieve their goals

- Being present and focusing on the now

- Daily meditation

- Self control and calmness of mind

- Generous

- Always learning and growing

-Living into an authentic life

As you can see, the list might be on long but if we all just took a moment and read each one and spent 5 minutes each day just thinking about them we would feel better.

So how can we live that Apex Life? It is pretty easy.

First of all you must decide and have faith that you can live your Apex life. Even if you feel miles away from the list above. All that matters is you start living an Apex life right now! Take each day as it comes and do your very best.

Do us a favour. If you are resonating with what we are saying here and you feel inspired, take action right now on at least two of the principles described up above. Please do not over analyze them. Be childlike here and just go with it. Kids don't over analyze things. They just do it in the moment.

You see most us want the aesthetics of having a great body thinking that it will bring joy and happiness and we at Apex have learned that it wont bring true happiness. What will bring you true happiness is giving back to you and others, taking moments in your day to be still and quiet (meditation), being in the flow of creating something, living in gratitude, looking outside in amazement of all what mother nature has bought to us, being present right here right now and not focusing on past and contemplating the future and last but least, self love. This to us is living the Apex life.

We encourage you to join us.

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