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Summer 2018 Is Just Around The Corner!

Hi ya everyone,

That little voice in your head is saying "SUMMER is just right around corner." Every where you turn you see weight loss this and weight loss that. You switch on the TV and all the commercials are showing all the weight loss diets and exercise equipment. You cant get away from it. You head to the grocery store to buy your weekly family groceries at your local Walmart. You happen to pass by the clothing section and you see in the corner of your eye all the new summer garments being displayed. Your next thought is "This is defiantly a sign, I better get on a plan of eating better and get my body off to the gym.

It is the start that stops most people so you really don't know what to do and the thought of embarking on getting in shape sounds like a massive under taking.

Don't worry. we got you covered on what to do next.

Here are a few tips from our proven SYSTEM that will help you maximize your body transformation potential and get you feeling lean and healthy by summer 2018.

1. Make sure you have a strong weight training component to your plan.. Implement it for 4 weeks and assess your progress. Your training should always goal oriented and pushing you to progress. Do not be afraid to push yourself but always use text book form.

2. Always execute with proper form, use tempo training principles and train whole body over seven days. This will depend on the split you use (3, 4, or 5 day split, or more.)

3. Add a combination of short intense cardio and longer duration cardio which we refer to as steady state cardio . For short intense cardio keep to 16-20 minutes. For longer steady state cardio, 30 minutes is perfect. Adding both types of cardio will effectively hit two different energy systems in the body. But remember, more is NOT better. You don't want to be burning the candle from both ends and have nowhere to go when you hit a plateau. Be smart and add a little at a time. Asses your progress every 2-4 weeks and adjust accordingly.

4. Consume quality protein at every meal.

5. Eat small frequent meals to keep your energy levels up throughout the day, blood sugars stable and avoid over eating. This also helps to establish routines and habits that allow you to successful

7. Add 1-2 handfuls of fibrous veggies to each meal. Listen to your mom! Eat your vegetables. Go green baby!

8. DON'T avoid carbohydrates. Make smart about your carbohydrate choices and timing. Focus on consuming the majority of your carbohydrates around your pre and post workout time or when you are going to be the most busy throughout your day.

9. Get adequate and quality sleep to aid in recovery and growth. If you aren't sleep well or getting enough of it, your results will be effected. During sleep is when our body grows and repairs itself so that the next day you can hit the ground running. If your sleep is suffering, look at getting into a bedtime routine. Seriously, just like when you were a child. Try contrast showers , remove stimulants past 3-4pm. Melatonin is also often used to aid in sleep but please speak to your doctor first before taking it.

9. Please be consistent and be patient! You have to give the plan time to work. Commit to executing the plan for a solid 6-8 weeks minimum and 12 weeks is probably even a better time period to complete before you evaluate. Expect a solid 6 months of great execution for dramatic improvements.

10. Remember that programs are not a one size fits all approach. If you apply something, whether it's increase training, adding in different cardio, changing your nutrition, etc., remember to track the change, give it time, and assess the effects of it. When you changes something in your strategy, try to change one thing at at time, that way you know what change the effect had on your progress. Plus, it also requires less energy than trying to do everything at once.

There is one thing you can do differently that you may of not done before. Track your nutrition and workouts. Write everything down that goes into your mouth and write down all your exercises, cardio, sets and reps etc. Have a note book for your nutrition and another note book to track your workouts. Do not over look this step! This step should go right at the head of the list actually!

We wanted to add that in our collective years in the fitness industry (37 years combined to be exact) we see consistently one common thread when it comes to physique transformation. There is a select few people that ever get life long transformation. Meaning these people have maintained their results! In others words permanent results. We like to call this the 3% Club. The other 97% quit and give up. Or they lose weight, gain back, lose weight gain it back. Sometimes the 97% achieve results and hit their goal but then their old habits seem to come back and they quickly bounce back to were they began. We wanted to ask you.....which club do you want to be apart of?

Now that is worth thinking about.

Troy & Jasmine :)

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