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Step Out & Get Uncomfortable

Hi everyone,

We think that part of the main reason why people fail trying to lose weight is that they have crazy unrealistic expectations. Most have this mindset that there must be an easier way! Lets get real here. There are no shortcuts to obtaining great physical conditioning and health.

Optimal permanent physique transformation and abundant health is the result of a LIFETIME COMMITMENT to proper training and nutrition. Health and fitness does not have a expiration date. In our microwave society we live in, we expect things to happen quickly and without much effort. We expect optimal physique condition with a one foot in and one foot out approach, never really making a true decision to do it! Living in that grey matter mind space.

Another thing that people experience in their journey is, as soon as challenges and negative self talk comes to raise its ugly head, we tend to give up or shut down. Just know that these are universal test to see how bad you want change. Especially when you are doing something new. It always feels very uncomfortable at first and our brains want to keep us comfortable. As soon as things get uncomfortable most people will back away and say this new lifestyle change does not work! Any big goal or anything that is worthwhile is always going to be uncomfortable. Especially if you have not done it before. But we are here to tell you that if you keep going it starts to become your new norm and it starts to get easier. Believe us, being uncomfortable is a good thing. It means you are growing as a person.

Being healthy and being in great shape is an ongoing process. It never ends. You are either getting better or you are sliding backwards. There is no such thing as staying the same. Bottom line is, do a program that you can do consistently, one that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle and one you can stick with. But always remember, it is going to take WORK! It's going to be uncomfortable. You may have to do things you have never done before. Believe us, this is a good thing.

Above all, keep your attitude in check. In fact leave a note on your bathroom mirror saying the word “Attitude”. That way you see it first thing in the morning. Remember in other blogs we talk about, we know what we need to do. We just need daily reminders.

Good attitude good results. Fair attitude fair results. Poor attitude poor results.

We at Apex have put together these 7 key attributes. If you have these 7 attributes then you are well on your way to lifelong and permanent body transformation:

  1. Coachable, trainable and teachable

  2. Huge DESIRE for change

  3. Must be willing to put in DAILY consistent work!

  4. Has a huge WHY that they think about everyday!

  5. Not afraid of what others say about them due to living a healthier lifestyle

  6. MUST embrace being uncomfortable. This is a good thing.

  7. You must control your thinking. Do not give any ENERGY to what you do not want

PS: Call to action. Spend the next five minutes visualizing the body you want. Get excited and feel the feelings of having it right now! Once you are done right it down in a notebook. Go into detail. Then ask yourself a question. What do I need to do daily in order to get there? After that do something that is goal achieving step that will get you closer. Example: Go for a power walk. Clear out all the junk food in your home. Sign up for a gym membership. Find a coach or mentor that will hold you accountable. Drink more water. Start eating more vegetables. You get the idea! Action, action, action.

PS: Henry Ford once said — 'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.'

Much love,

Troy & Jasmine :) #theapexlife

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