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Rome Was Not Built In A Day

If you are someone who has never exercised or has not exercised in a while. You must build up

slow and ease into your workouts. Your goal for each time you workout is to improve right? We think this is what we all want. I know we do! We want you to get stronger, get a little bit more fitter each time without over doing it.

Don't get us wrong, your workouts should always challenging you but at any time if you get short of breath or light headed, take five and sit down, relax and breath. We want you to stick to your commitment of living a healthier life and not to quit after two weeks because you went way to hard in the beginning.

Make sure your workouts are fun, shot and intense with the objective of building slow and to make each workout a little more challenging each time. This is why we are big fans of tracking. With tracking you can write it down and know where you are for your next workout. Each week aim to do one extra rep or a little bit more weight or an extra circuit round. Just do that little bit more!

Always listen to your body as it always gives you the right signals and always think long term. In fact say to yourself over and over that, I am doing this for life. So take your time. Your workouts are your chance to invest in you. Giving the value of health back to you. Once you start and get momentum (there is that word again) you will never go back to your old lifestyle. Your workouts will make you feel so good mentally, physically and emotionally.

Let us ask you question. Do you feel better after you workout than before you started the workout? The answer is always, yes. You always feel so much better once you are finish your workout. Are point is to always remember this feeling.

If any exercise have been given to you by a fitness professional and they feel awkward in the beginning. Hang in there. Stick with it and hang tough. Your body will adapt.

Just don't be such in a rush to do it all in a matter of a few week or months. You wont last with this mentality.

Take your time and build up slow.

Troy & Jasmine :)

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